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Located in the vibrant and historic city of Jaipur (Rajasthan), The Gurukul School of Design, is the best fashion design college in India which offers a 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree in Design. Mentored by Mr. Raghavendra Rathore, this unique 4 year design program, delivered by world class International & Indian faculty, embraces every aspect of Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Fashion Marketing & Management.  This one of a kind program also includes courses in well-being, making it a truly holistic learning experience. At GSD the curriculum is deep rooted in the basic, yet is multidimensional, offering a 360 degree view into design. This robust education will prepare students for the ever changing landscape of the global fashion industry while equipping them with entrepreneurial skills.

The Gurukul School of Design welcomes students with unique creative abilities and not just artistic skills and focusses on enhancing student’s business acumen and pave the way to setting up their own start up. At GSD, education is not merely filling one’s mind with information, but experiencing what one learns and balancing it with one’s inner personality, hence living out the environment that becomes us.  At GSD, the concept of ancient Gurukul is adapted for the modern times, wherein the attempt for students is not only to see with their minds but with their hearts, the center of true creativity and where perception happens through intuition and not just through the senses. Hence, GSD is a place where one can evolve beyond just traditional educational ideas, by being open and receptive to everything in the creative space. Eventually when this validation is felt, it will carry through into the workforce and set the stepping stones for the future.

Our course would help students adapt to the changing design needs of our evolving society by nurturing and honing creative individuals to become design professionals of the future, providing them with world class education in combination with traditional values of self-awareness.  GSD aims at providing complete learning of the trade that can help them easily fit into the Fashion world whether working with an established name or setting up a business right after graduating

Gurukul School of Design, initiates the new methodology of education that is structured in a way where the rich crafts from the East unite with the modern curriculum, modern technology and ancient traditions at the same time. A complete way of Gurukul Learning.

Students at GSD, will have easy access to unique and remarkable techniques, Jaipur crafts and textiles, as the college is based at the global social and culture hub. Distraction from the rapid pace of a large city, will be replaced by the serene and calmness of the Gurukul approach. GSD aims at providing a holistic education system, deep rooted to new way of thinking design. This will be imparted by a very specialized and select team of faculty sourced from across the globe, their ability to understand the Gurukul methodology is astounding and a rewarding enthusiasm. Field trips to various relics from the past, palaces, forts, and museums will help them understand how things were designed and marketed when there were no communication tools. How people worked under limitations and what kind of approach did people take to design and market their ideas. Thus, the GSD concept thrives on the mandate of a complete education making it one of the best fashion designing colleges in India.


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