Top 7 Mathematical Innovations

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Maths is a subject that involves logical and intellectual thinking. It generally comprises of numbers, shapes, Theorems, Quantities, and proofs having a number of applications in every field such as in engineering, science, medical, etc. Maths requires a basic understanding of the concepts that can be proved in one or the other way. But have you ever wondered how the concepts came to use by humans?

The innovation in mathematics had drastically changed the way of living and had a lasting impact in various fields such as in architecture, aerospace, science, medical and many more.

The world today is greatly indebted to the contribution made by Mathematicians from every corner of the world. Here are the greatest mathematical advancements in history:

(i) The invention of Zero (0)-

The concept of zero was relatively new at the time when people were aware of the concept of nothing. Aryabhatta introduced the concept of zero which helps us to perform the various operations such as solving an equation and in calculus.

(ii) Algebra-

India had a big contribution in the field of Algebra at that time when people were unaware of it. With the invention of Algebra, the astronomical calculation that was of the complex type became easy to calculate. Later, Algebra was helpful in solving a polynomial equation, simplifying equations, etc.

(iii) Trigonometry-

Similar to Algebra, Trigonometry also had application in astronomy. It gives various values of the angle subtended by the circle. The first function introduced was r sina, where r is the radius of a circle and sina is the angle subtended by the circle.

(iv) Geometry-

Indian mathematician contributed in the field of geometry. The Sulva-Sutras helped in constructing temples and altars that gave the invention of geometry. It is basically used in the measurement of length, defining shapes, polygons, circles, and various other figures.

(v) Infinite Series-

Kerala Mathematician, Madhava, introduced the second order interpolation for determining the sine and cosine values. He was the first to introduce a series that repeats itself in an endless manner, as such a sine series.

(vi) Binary Code-

Binary numbers form the basic operation of computers. A binary code represents the text, instruction or any form of data into a two-symbol system using 0 and 1. It assigns a pattern of digits to each instruction. This added to a great advancement in the field of computer science.

(vii) Pythagoras theorem-

Pythagoras of Samos introduced the concept of Pythagoras theorem, which deals with the length of sides of a right-angled triangle. It states that in a right-angled triangle, the sum of the squares of the length of two sides of a triangle is equal to the square of the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle.

All these were the few important innovation in the field of mathematics that had an everlasting impact in other fields as well. To learn the in-depth facts of mathematics, visit our website and subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube video channel to learn with engaging video lectures-


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