How to self-Massage your Trigger points


Nothing feels more luxurious and relieving than a message when your body is all twisted in knots. But not all of us can afford to luxuriate on this bliss. First, because it ain’t cheap and second because making time in your busy schedule for massage seems difficult. However, you can self-massage if you have some basic knowledge about muscles and trigger points. Trigger point massage can greatly alleviate any sort of pain merely by rubbing a few specific spots on your body. You can do this yourself at home whenever you have free time. Just note down the following points in order to get the most out of your message.

Massage with what?

Obviously, your hands. You can use your fingertips, thumbs or you might want to engage the palm of your hands to rub the knotted muscles. In addition, you can also utilize cheap massaging equipment such as a tennis ball to massage your calf etc.

How to massage and how much pressure you should apply?

You can start with short strokes on a specific spot that has a narrow range and then move on to wider parts of the body. The movement of your hand must align with the direction of muscles, for example, muscle in legs and arms are parallel so you should employ long, straight strokes to relieve pain. But if you are massaging your hand or neck, circular kneading stroke will be more optimum. You should apply gentle pressure in the beginning and become more aggressive later on. Just make sure the pressure isn’t unbearable, in that case, you’ll only be hurting yourself without loosening the knots.

How does it feel like?

Relieving muscle knots should feel lightening, clear and satisfying. You will feel your knots loosening and disappearing from your body. You should be able to achieve a point of release where it will stop hurting or you may feel excessive pain before things settle down. I think, all of you know how the good kind of pain feels like so there isn’t much to elaborate. But if you are wincing and grinding your teeth, it is a clear sign that your message is not going well. Try lessening the pressure and use some kind of lubrication to reduce the friction in such cases.

Where should you massage?

Mostly, people will massage at the place where it hurts but sometimes that may not be the case. The trigger points can be located at a place far away from the spot where you feel the pain, it is called referred pain. A professional will be more adept at locating those trigger points so all you can do is massage the area around the spot where you feel pain. Hopefully, it will work. Massage the for at least 30 seconds at the suspected trigger points before moving on to the next one. You should massage twice a day regularly in order to get rid of the painful muscle knots completely. Self-massage often if you don’t want to suffer from cramped muscles in the future.



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